11 Running Tips You Need to Know

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

It is obvious but often forgotten, that to get up at 5:00 am or to get enough energy to run early, we must sleep 7 to 8 hours. We go to bed late and hope to get up for a good workout, something that hardly happens. Be ready to relax and get prepared!

As each start of the year, we share the below 11 running tips that will immensely help:


1- Get your clothes ready to run :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know1

do it at night and put everything in one place; shorts, shirt, socks, shoes, monitor, watch, hat, gloves, water bottle, protein, music, etc. Have you prepared your things easier in a leap out of bed.


2- Go with someone and just run :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Do not think too much, get up out of bed, put on sneakers and go for a run, repeat this every day (well almost every other). Invite and take someone, this is the best you can do for that person.


3- Improve your diet :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

To run throughout the year, you need to improve your diet by eating more natural foods and less processed food. Choose fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, lean meat; with emphasis on high protein and carbohydrate foods. (See Nutrition for Runners)


4- Sleep enough :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

As a runner you should try enough sleep (at least seven hours) for your body to recover and have the energy to your daily activities and run.

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5- Check your shoes :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Even if you have not already, you should be sure your type of tread. It’s good run to confirm as you buy the right running shoes and you avoid injury.


6- Train intervals :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Go for speed training, i.e. intervals of 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, followed by recovery time (1.30 or 2 min), not only will make you faster, will help you burn more calories.


7- Add slopes :

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

The workouts on slopes (200m) will give your legs force, and will help you improve your technique and increase your confidence.


8- Perform other exercises.

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Make different exercise sessions running (Cross Training), as may be cycling, swimming, yoga, zumba, crossfit, weightlifting. This will activate and strengthen muscles you do not use running.


9- Make trail.

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Escape from the streets and the park, go to the countryside or mountains. You will live a different experience, you’ll see Running otherwise.


10- Get on a bike.

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

It will help you recover from running or injury, and will set you about to make a duathlon or triathlon.


11- Avoid injury.

11 Running Tips You Need to Know

Warm up well, do stretching, not work out, listen to your body. Staying injury free is as important as training hard.


Improvement and joy as a runner means training more and running with friends, today there are too many races and not all good experiences. Make sure you go for the best!  You can always run a marathon and this will surely change your life.


Challenge yourself

Apart from the above, do not fall into a comfort zone as a runner, this year seek new goals that motivate you to improve yourself. Running may be one of your passions, so do not forget to always have fun when you run. Keep running, running and running!


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