20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

We all relish snacks. So much so that more than one half of Americans consider them to be excellent meal replacements, if a recent report by Nielsen is to be believed. This isn’t all that bad. Healthy snacks, particularly those rich in protein can dampen appetite, enhance dietary quality and even fast track the weight loss process. Nevertheless, quite a large number of snacks can rapidly lead to weight gain when consumed immoderately. Most of these snacks tend to make us feel that we consuming less calories and therefore lead to weight loss, but some might addictive due to high refined sugars. Below is a review of 20 worst healthy snacks for weight loss, which you should be aware of.


1- Roasted almonds :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Roasted almonds are yummy, but the high heat cooking they are subjected to can be extremely detrimental for weight loss. These snacks are normally roasted in oil and ultimately tossed in salt and a host of preservatives. You will also find ingredients like monosodium glutamate in them, a dangerous flavor enhancer that has been closely associated with promoting weight gain.


2- Gluten-free pretzels :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

It is important to note that gluten—free doesn’t necessary equate to weight loss friendly. These types of pretzels offer a very decreased amount of nutritional value. In fact they are much higher in carbohydrates and fat than the ordinary varieties. For instance, gluten-free Glutino pretzels come with an extra 30 calories, 5 grams of fat and no fiber or protein in equal values.


3- Plain rice cakes :

Plain rice cakes

Rice cakes are a fad among dieters. Yet these simple carbohydrates are noted for been very high on the glycemic index (GI). This is a simple scale of how rapidly food can spike up blood sugar levels. Plain rice cakes stand at 82 on this 1 – 100 scale. This means they can offer a rush of energy, but will leave you feeling hungry in just a matter of a few hours after consumption. High GI snacks trigger plenty of hunger pangs and heightened activity in cravings. A perfect combination for overeating and weight gain.


4- Dark chocolate chips :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Research suggests that individuals on an average basis, end up eating 41% more calories when they snack on unwrapped snacks. On the other hand, studies indicate that the process of peeling off wrapped snacks slows down the body. This makes it to relay I am full’ signals to the brain. While the accumulation of wrappers usually serve as a visual signal to impede on overeating. Thus steer clear from unwrapped dark chocolate chips.


5- Non-fat frozen yoghurt :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Essentially, the fat missing in this kind of yoghurt is effectively replaced with sugar. For instance, a cup of Pineberry’s peanut butter yoghurt yields 140 calories. When you add some roasted hazelnuts, mochi and even nutella that a cup would be equivalent to 2 full scoops of cookies n cream in a cake cone.


6- Granula :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Granula happens to be very delicious, but also more higher in the calories you need daily, all in just a single serving. A recent study has revealed that people tend to serve themselves a similar amount of cereals regardless of their caloric value. Therefore, many end up pouring the same amount of granula as they would with corn flakes. This leads to consuming 5 times more the calories, and invariably weight gain.


7- Snappea crisps :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

This snack has been dubbed the very best alternative to chips, but frankly speaking it just another processed food. Its packaging indicates that it is made from whole peas, harvested straight from the pod. However, it is simply grounded peas, flour mixed with oil and salt, before been molded into the usual pea shape.


8- 100 calories packs :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Consuming portion regulated crackers or cookies might seem to be an ideal weight loss strategy. However, these mini packs can easily trigger overeating. Many people tend to regard snacks packaged in diminutive packs as been diet friendly. But most end up eating multiple packs, and consequently more calories than if they had eaten a regular sized pack of snacks.


9- Fruit smoothies :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Fruit smoothies have been time and again lauded as been especially good for weight loss. Nevertheless, most store bought varieties are made with high caloric dairy bases and inexpensive sweeteners. Both of which can be very detrimental to weight loss. For example, a diminutive Baskin Robbins mango banana smoothie yields 440 calories, almost a ¼ amount of what an average woman on a 1,500 calories diet stands in need of daily.


10- Bran muffins :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Generally speaking, bran muffins are just flimsy excuses to eat cupcakes for breakfast. Each of them yield around 440 calories, with almost a ¼ of which coming from fat. You should also be wary of the scones variety, whose rich and flaky flavor is derived from plenty of butter, flour and sugar. All in all, yielding a whooping 500 calories!


11- Trail mix :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Trail mix is loaded with filling nuts and pieces of fiber rich fruit, which might make you think it is a much better snack when contrasted with chips or pretzels?

Well, think again. Most trail mixes are crammed with salt, while the dried fruit bits are basically sugar dusted.


12- Popcorn :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Stovepot popcorn is a very healthy, fiber rich whole grain snack. However, the microwave variety is something else altogether. With its daicetyl based butter flavoring, regularly eating it can lead to a lot of exposure to this chemical that has been linked with Alzheimer’s disease.


13- Nutella :


Many still wonder how peanut butter has over the years gained such a negative reputation. Well, simply put, its 90s fad is the main culprit, and it triggered plenty of misinformation that this hazelnut bread spread was excellent for weight loss. The reality, however, is quite different. Nutella has sugar as its primary ingredient, along with vegetable oil, emulsifiers and low-fat cocoa powder.


14- Protein bars :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Protein bars are made from ingredients like sugar and preservatives, yielding up to 350 calories per serving!
Definitely one of the worst healthy snacks currently in existence.


15- Bumble bee tuna salad with crackers :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Tuna by itself is a filling and very lean food. Nevertheless, the diminutive kits that come with little tins of spreadable tuna with crackers are a different story altogether. These products have 22 g of fat, around 3 of which is saturated, together with a shocking 435 mg of sodium. Integrating this snack into your regular diet 3 times weekly, will make you gain four pounds of pure fat within a year!


16- Flavored yoghurt :

Flavored yoghurt3

Ordinary yoghurt comes loaded with filling, muscle building protein, along with beneficial probiotics.
Nevertheless, the flavored varieties can be best described as just sugary snacks. For instance, Dannon peach fruit yoghurt contains 27 grams of sugar, which can be an equivalent of eating 6 Dunkin’ donuts sugar raised donuts.


17- Craisin and other dried fruits :

Flavored yoghurt3

Consuming dried fruit in moderation is an excellent example of a healthy, fiber rich snack. However, the sugar concentration in dried fruit is much more higher than that of fresh fruits. Even worse, quite a large number of manufacturers tend to coat the already sugar rich dried fruit they use with more additional sugar.


18- Packed turkey slices :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Turkey all by itself, is a healthy and nutritious source of lean, muscle building protein. Nevertheless, the sliced varieties which are currently available in the market, and packaged in plastic, are just simply another instance of heavily processed foods. Most of these healthy’ snacks have a high level of nitrates. For those who might perhaps be in the dark, nitrates are used as preservatives, and negatively influence the body’s innate capability to process sugar. This state of affairs definitely heightens the risk factors of an individual contracting diabetes. At the same time, it can also enhance the risks of contracting either thyroid or colon cancer. Even worse, many processed meat products are usually packed with plenty of sodium, which is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Sodium causes your body to bloat as well as increasing the risk factors of developing heart disease


19- Terra sweet potato chips :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

It might seem a very bitter pill to swallow, but vegetable chips don’t greatly differ from potato chips, and are in fact not the best solution for weight loss. In a research which was concluded recently, potato chips were earmarked as the worst snacks that promote weight gain among all other foods currently in existence. A single serving of Terra sweet potato chips yields more calories and saturated fat than a single serving of Cape Cod potato chips. Although this company manufactures many other excellent products, do not get hoodwinked just because of a different shade of potatoes.


20- Sugar-free snacks :

20 Worst Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

You may perhaps already know the well known fact that artificial sweeteners are closely associated with weight gain. However, do you know that they can trick the body into craving for more carbohydrates? It is important for you to fully understand that snacks which have been labeled sugar-free can still have some sugar concentration. Typically, these products can yield a maximum of 0.5 g of sugar per each serving.



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