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3 week diet

Are you looking for a method to help you lose weight in twenty-one days or less? If you are, then this is a comprehensive review of Brian Flatts 3 week diet program that might be the best solution for someone like you. This 3 week diet program can help you to lose about 23lbs of weight in about 3 weeks. Brian Flatts is an incredible person behind this program. He has been a physical trainer for so many years and has gained experience and extensive knowledge in nutrition. With the help of his program, you can use it to get rid of excess fat and gain muscles. This program is a combination of physical activities and diet to get the best results. For a successive 3 week diet program you should know that your motivation and the right mindset play a major role.


brian-flattAbout the Inventor

Brian Flatt is the person behind this program. He has a degree in biology, a health coach, a personal trainer and a sports nutritionists plus he REV fitness proprietor. He is the one who has developed this diet plan. He did a research for more than ten years before he came up with this diet plan.


“This is a revolutionary diet because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain and is something that most diets ignore. Reduce cellular inflammation and you will boost your metabolism and increase your ability to lose weight”, Flatt says.


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The 3 week Diet Program Components


This program is subdivided into three distinct major parts that include:

1.The actual diet
2.Exercise plan
3. Motivation, Willpower, and Mindset
The Diet Plan


Diet plan is the major part of this program with

four phases with different elements


Phase #1(Day 1 7)

Within the first seven days, you will shed about 5 to 10 pounds of weight, this initials stage of this program works like magic. Following this plan closely and consistently ensures that you will lose weight. This phase will also cleanse your entire body system, particularly the liver if it has some issues. This plan also gives you a detailed outline of the foods that you should eat. These foods include vegetables and various proteins like fish, meat, and eggs. Brian also gives you a method on how to prepare the food and a timetable for your diet plan for the first seven days.


Phase #2 (day 8)

Phase 2 is a stage of 24 hour fast. The meal that you had taken on your last day on stage consisted of protein and greens from allowed sources. You will now stay for twenty-four hours without food. This will allow your body to undergo complete detoxification. You will take your next meal on the vining of day eight. Carbohydrates should be very minimal in the meal that you take, but you are free to take anything that you feel like. For those who can’t withstand a twenty-four hour fast, you can copy what you did on day seven in phase one.


Phase #3 (day 9 11)

This is also referred to as the fat phase. In this phase, you will go with the recommended calorie assigned with an aim of having 80% calories fat. A low calorie with a high-fat plan has been found to help in shedding extra fat successfully within a short duration of time. It might sound hard to achieve but you will be given a list of permitted fat sources. You find a guide on how to prepare them and consume them for both women and men with a sample outline.


Phase #4 (day 12 21)

Towards the final stages of this plan will start to eat normally in comparison to your previous 14 days. You will be confined to your customized calorie scheme with unique BMR and your weight loss goals. You will have to figure out, how you will know your BMR. Brian gave a standard way of calculation in U.S metric and estimations structure.



Exercises that are included in this book will help you lose weight double what you lost from the diet plan. Most diet plans that you get usually fail because they are not complemented with the essential and the necessary exercises to make it effective. While doing exercises to lose weight the intensity of the scheme determines how much fat you lose and not the duration. With this 3 week diet plan, the workouts that are incorporated into it are just for about twenty to thirty minutes a day in a span of three weeks.
The exercises that you will find here are a combination of cardio exercises and resistance training that will stir your metabolism rate and make your body to burn the stored fat.


The four basic workouts in 3 week diet plan include:

• Dumbbell Incline Bench Press
• Goblet Squat
• Dumbbell Upright Row
• Bent-Over Row


To do this, you just need two dumbbells and a bench (this is optional). You are supposed to go to the gym because you can do this effectively while at home. How to do the exercises, the number of reps and sets is all explained in details in the book. There are additional exercises you will find in the book that will teach how to work out the abdominal muscles.


Personal tip: Note that, you should not skip any of these exercises. Some of this exercises helped to lose weight that I didn’t manage to do so with the diet only. While aging the exercises becomes even better. I was over forty years when I started weight loss journey. The exercises that you will find in this book gave me the extra kick that I needed to shed more body fat.



Mindset, Willpower, and Motivation

This part is an eye opener because it will cover some of the common and reoccurring myths about our will power that hinders our success. This is a very important section of this book. It will help you to cope with the challenges that you get while trying out this program. The bottom line is if you can’t maintain an achievers mindset then you are doomed to get the best results.



3 Week Diet Program Pros and Cons

As with any other program, there are some strong and weak points that it comes with. This program is not an exceptional:

3 Week Diet Program Pros

• You can do it at home
• It is educational
• Money back guarantee
• Easy to understand and follow
• Easy to get through
• A full system
• Doesn’t take over your life
• It works


3 Week Diet Program cons

• No videos
• Hunger
• Supplements
• Extra equipment needed
• Up-sells





3 Week Diet Program Standard Package Components

What do you get when you buy it? The standard package will cost you just $47.00 which was lowered from the initial price of $97; it comes with 4 PDF files that you will use as a guide during your weight loss journey.


1. Introduction Manual

Introduction manual does a lot rather than just introducing you to what this diet program is. It has all scientific facts about everything you need to know about weight loss. You will also go through the steps that you will need to accomplish so that you achieve the results you want in getting rid of the stubborn fat. You will also get supplements that you are recommended to use for maximum results.


2. Diet Manual

This document is one of the most valuable and important manuals that you will have at your disposal for this program. The information that you will get in this diet manual is priceless. You will learn about how you will determine your lean body mass in comparison to your body fat percentage. Also, you will get access to a weight loss plan that is designed to accommodate your unique body type. This will be details about what you are supposed to eat every day. The diet manual just outlines what you are supposed to do. You are needed to follow the blueprints and you will start getting the results that you want. Keep in mind that you will also get information on what kind of food you should eat and what not to eat.


3. Workout Manual

Note that the diet manual plan is enough to assist you to get the results that you want. The workout manual that you will find is just spicing up. If you follow the workouts outlined consistently, you will definitely double the results that you will get. These workouts that are on this diet plan are for everyone, people who live in the gym and those busy people who don’t have enough time to hit the gym. The best part of it all is that you will just need to do exercises for twenty minutes a day, for only three to four times a week. These intense, short workouts in the workout manual will help to produce same results that you get from a sixty-minute workout.


4. Motivational and Mindset Manual


You should know that losing weight is not just a physical process it is a mental involving one too. Having the right motivation and changing your mindset can very challenging than just as challenging as the workouts. This motivational and mindset manual will help you to change your mind and set your goals as well as give you tips on how to stick on them. It will give you details on how you should stay motivated a day after the other. This guide is full of secrets, tips, and tools that will help you to kick start your weight loss campaign and stick to the program until to the end.



Considerations and Final Verdict

With weight loss or any other program, you need to put more effort so that you can see the results that you want. It doesn’t happen overnight but with risk-free guarantee and a 3 week timeline you just have to try it out, no excuse. The bottom is, the 3 week diet program has my approval stamp and it is very effective, it is a novel way to get the shape you want faster and shed the extra fat that you don’t want, without the fuss.



3 Week Diet Reviews









The following are the most frequently asked question about 3 week diet plan I have come across, with the best response I can have.


1- Does 3 Week Diet Program Work?

All I can say is that this program worked for me and I can always use it. I think it will work for everyone if you follow the instructions given in plan various manuals correctly and complete the recommended 3 weeks. If keep eating healthy and within the stipulated diet plan in the manual, you will reach the goal set for yourself faster. If you don’t give up you will achieve what you want.


2- Is The 3 Week Diet Program Safe?

Yes, it is safe. 3 week diet program is scientifically proven and guarantees a stress-free method of losing the excessive body fats. A lot of people have used this plan and they are able to lose ten to twenty lbs. of excessive fat.


3- Who IS This Diet For?

Everyone who wants to get weight loss results faster. In addition, this diet has a proper food plan; it can be effective to people of all ages.


4- Will It Work For Me?

This program will work for anyone who follows it. No matter what amount of weight you want to lose this program will definitely work for you.


5- Am Always Busy, Will It Work For Me?

I also work full time and I also have a lot of things to do when I get home and it worked for me. If you can look for 20 minutes every day for exercises then you follow the 3 week diet program properly, it will work for.


6- How Much Weight Can I Lose?

The website claims that you can lose about twelve to twenty-three pounds. But for me, I lost seventeen Lbs. in my first trial and nineteen Lbs. in my second trial, so the claims they give are definitely true.


7- What Equipment Will I Need?

You will definitely need some weights but you can do some workouts without them.


8- What Do I Do After The 3 Week Diet Plan?

This plan has you covered. It has a 3 pound rule that outlines that you should start the 3WD program if you wake up and find that you are 3 pounds over your target. You start from day one until you get the weight you want. If you follow the system you will never get weight again.


9- What If I Don’t Achieve My Weight Loss Goal?

This is simple; you just restart the 3WD again.


10- I’m Pregnant, Can I Do It?

No. Have the baby first and then do it.


11- Will It For Both Men Women?

Yes. The program will work for both men and women if you follow it correctly.


12- I Can’t Or I Don’t Want Exercise, Can I Still Use It?

Note that exercise is part of the program to spice up the weight loss goals, but you will lose weight without having to do the workouts. So, if you don’t want to do exercise you will also lose weight.


3 week diet



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