5 Weight Loss Strategies You Should Absolutely Avoid

5 Weight Loss Strategies You Should Absolutely Avoid


When seeking to lose weight, it is advised that you go about it the normal and healthy way because short cuts will only cause problems. It is important for you to have a weight loss plan to achieve your desired result.  Sometimes, we want to cut corners and we end up in situations we did not bargain for.   There is no shortcut to weight loss. It is a gradual process which requires a lot of hard work, patience and sacrifice. It is like a journey- you have to work hard to get to your destination. Do not be deceived into believing there is an easier way. Those who embarked on a journey to weight loss did not get their results over night. So, if you desire to lose weight, here are five weight loss strategies you should avoid:


1- Skipping Meals:

Skipping Meals

We skip meals for different reasons- sometimes, we do it because we are busy (an unconscious act) or because we want to lose weight (a conscious act). This is a very common strategy overweight people employ. They often think that by doing this, they will lose weight immediately. This strategy is so wrong and it causes additional problems. Not only does it disrupt the digestion process of your body because there is no food to digest, it alters the body’s metabolism by slowing it down. It may lead to a nutritional deficiency. Do not skip meals for your own good.


2- Not Getting Enough Sleep:

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your body needs energy for your regular workouts and depriving the body of this will reduce its energy level, an altered metabolism and an increased appetite. It has a negative effect on the hunger hormones- Ghrellin and Leptin. Leptin hormone communicates with the brain and when its level increases, it tells the brain you have had enough to eat, while a decreased level tells the brain, you are hungry. Ghrellin increases appetite and stimulates hunger. So when you do not get enough sleep, you have a low level of leptin and an increased level of ghrellin which in turn leads to weight gain. So why bother? A good amount of sleep is very important for our overall wellbeing.


3- Exercising while you are hungry:

Exercising while you are hungry

You think you burn more calories when you do this but you are actually low on energy level and you will not be able to exercise for a long period. Your body fuel is food. Give your body the energy it needs. When you eat, wait for a while so that the food can digest before you exercise. According to research, exercising while you are hungry burns calories from the muscle instead of fat


4- Lack of balanced diet:

Lack of balanced diet

You harm your body when in a bid to lose weight; you decide not to eat foods belonging to particular food groups like fats or carbohydrates. There is a lot of misconception about fat that makes people not want to have anything to do with fatty foods. Ever wondered why there are so still so many obese with people despite the emergence of low fat foods? Add a little fat to your diet because there are acids present in some fatty foods that can help to break down fat. A balanced diet is what your body needs to function effectively.


5- Never lifting Weights:

Never lifting Weights

When you do cardio workouts all the time, you set limits for yourself. Weight lifting strengthens the body joints and increases the body’s metabolism. Never underestimate the gains of lifting a dumbbell. Make it a part of your exercise routine. You are sure to reap the benefits afterwards.

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