7 Simple Weight Losing Tips You Can Do in The Morning


weight losing tips

People are so busy now days in their day to day life that they forget to take care of themselves. In the process they end up with a poor health. Our body is the most complex system and we need to take care of it so that it can function properly. One of the problems that everyone faces is of increased weight. It’s almost impossible for anyone to hit the gym on a daily basis, but yes there are some exercises which a person can do at home in the morning to overcome weight issues. It’s very much important to resolve over-weight problems.

There are simple daily routines, if practised regularly in the morning, will play a significant role in the  weight loss.  These simple things will not only help to shed the extra weight, but will help us to lead a healthier lifestyle.


1- Drink a glass of water

drink a glass of waterThe first and the simplest thing that we can do in the morning to drink a glass of water. The first task that should be done before washing the face or mouth , must be that of drinking water. When we wake up, our body becomes dehydrated. As a result our body function, our metabolism gets slow down. Water helps us to speed up the metabolism,  which helps to burn calories faster. Lemons can also be added to the water. Lemons are very good for detoxing. It helps to flush all the toxins out.


2- Small meals

five smaller mealsThe other important step is to eat frequently. Leaving the breakfast completely or having a very breakfast is never advisable. Having five smaller meals a day will give us more energy, make us less hungry, controls sugar level and reduces the fat storage. Eating regularly in the interval of two to three hours helps  in maintaining a proper metabolism throughout the day.


five smaller meals1


3- Drinking up green tea

Drinking up green teaDrinking up green tea in the morning is one the easiest method to lose weight. Green tea consists of a lot of detoxicants, as a result it helps our body  in detoxicating waste products, lowering cholesterol level.





4- Exercising in the morning

Exercising in the morning
Exercising in the morning before breakfast is a very effective way to lose weight. It’s difficult to take out time for exercise in the morning, but simply by getting up 20 to 30 minutes before the regular waking time helps us to achieve the routine. Exercising in the morning gives an increase metabolic rate,  burns the fat and gives a fantastic feeling throughout the day.


5- Going for a jog

Going for a jogGoing for a jog in the morning can prove to be very useful . It not only helps us to lose weight, but also helps us in getting the best body shape. The best thing about jogging is that it doesn’t require any equipment or special training. It gives strength to the whole body and even strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.


6- Cycling

cyclingThe other exercise that we can do in the morning is cycling. It’s a bit challenging but offers a great workout.  It’s suitable for all age groups of people and for all levels of fitness people carry. It’s helps to burn a lot of calories. It gives all round fitness, increases the enduring power of the body along with losing weight.


7- Push-up

Push-upPush-up is also one of the best alternative for people who don’t have much time to take care for their health. It’s a very simple and effective exercise which can be done at home or at any place and doesn’t require any equipment too.


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