4 Healthy Breakfast Foods That’ll Leave You Hungry an Hour Later

4 Healthy Breakfast Foods That'll Leave You Hungry an Hour Later


Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day, actually it is. This is why nutritionists say eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a servant.

In the rather fast life of today, an individual has to wake up early to prepare for work, school, or whatever. God help you if you are married with kids. In such a fast word, it becomes very easy to just go for the bite, grabbing anything you see. Going for the bite could mean eating junk, which in most cases is. But that is not our concern today.


Let’s assume you have gone past eating just anything to eating right and trying to stay healthy. It can be really agonizing after spending time to eat breakfast only to discover after an hour that your stomach is grumbling. You may be thinking you have made the right choice but the truth is that nobody enjoys staying hungry and your choice of food may be to be. So here are four breakfasts recipe that will definitely leave you hungry after an hour.


1- Wholegrain Granola Topped with Skimmed Milk and Fruit

Wholegrain Granola Topped with Skimmed Milk and Fruit

Technically speaking, one cup of wholegrain granola combined with skimmed milk and some fruits is a gold star meal. I mean you get the right amount of fibre, protein, and carbohydrates in one bowl. The problem however is that this meal is likely to low in calories and fat. Also, the amount of fibre and protein present is simply not enough to keep you full past an hour. As a remedy, in place of skimmed milk try using Greek yogurt or low-fat milk. Topping the cereal with some raw nuts, seeds and some flaxseed oil is a sure way to boost the fat and protein levels of the meal.


2- Wholegrain Waffles with Agave Syrup

Wholegrain Waffles with Agave Syrup

On paper, this meal appears to be all spiced up and healthy, actually it is. The only problem is that it won’t you going for longer than an hour. Wholegrain waffles are rather too heavy on simple carbohydrate. What this means is that after the initial short boost of energy, the simple carbohydrates break down in your body super quick, leaving you hungry. If you feel this meal has become part of you, you can spice it up by making the waffles with almond or quinoa flour. These are high in fibre and protein. You can also consider berry wafflewhich by spreading unsalted peanut butter and fresh berries in place of agave syrup.


3- Banana and a Cup of Yogurt

Banana and a Cup of Yogurt

Yes you are in haste and can’t really go heavy. Grab a cup of yogurt and a banana(s) and hit the road. This obviously is quick, nutritious, and low calorie. However, the carbohydrates in the yogurt are simple carbohydrates coming from fructose and lactose. Hence, the body will quickly absorb and digest them, leaving you hungry before lunch time. To prevent this, instead of drinking the regular yogurt, go for Greek yogurt which has more protein and less carbohydrate, relative to the regular.


4- Whole-Wheat Toast with Vegemite

Whole-Wheat Toast with Vegemite

This breakfast option is certainly easy to grab and chew into. Although full of carbohydrate and yeast, this snack does little to satisfy your morning hunger because it lacks enough healthy fats and protein. To keep hunger at bay, you need to top this toast with something rich in fats and protein. As a recommendation, replace the vegemite with avocado. Each half of the avocado provides about 2 grams of protein and more than 10 grams of healthy fats.



Store- bought Breakfast Muesli Bars: Read the labels and you are guaranteed of all the nutrients. Don’t be deceive, these Muesli contain more sugar than protein, fibre, or healthy fat. As an alternative, go for a proper bowl of muesli with yogurt and fresh fruit.

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