24 Top healthy Foods You Should Be Eating


24 Top healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

Healthy foods are special foods that strengthen your immune system, protect you from dangerous diseases as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, they keep your skin youthful and help you losing weight when you are on a diet and start the way to a healthier you! And here are the list of healthy food:


1- Eggs

eggsThere are many fundamental nutrients in the egg yolks like antioxidants that help thwart cataracts and macular degeneration and choline which lessen the infection of breast cancer. Eggs are extremely useful for all people even who suffer from heart disease but they shouldn’t eat more than two eggs per week. The majority of us can have one whole egg daily without raising your risk of heart attack or stroke.


2- Fat-free milk

milk fat freeMilk is full of calcium which strengthens your bones and fights fats, decrease the risk of some types of cancer and avoid depression. It also contains vitamin D which absorbs calcium. so up your intake by substituting milk instead of water to make your morning oatmeal or late night hot cocoa and have a glass with breakfast or lunch.


3- Greek-yogurt :



Pick Greek-yogurt instead of traditional yogurt as it contains twice the protein. Yogurt is an excellent way to add calcium to your diet. Yogurt as  whole  is rich in calcium and healthy bacteria which strengthen your immune system.


4- Lean beef :

Lean beef Beef is the best absorbed supply of of iron. Lake of iron in body may cause Anemia. Experts  said that a small piece of beef per day can increase the ability of the body to absorb iron  from  other sources. Beef also contains a bounty of zinc and vitamin B which allows the body  to  transform the food into energy. Grass fed beef is better as it contains twice the  concentration  of vitamin E, antioxidant that help brain function and a healthy dose of omega-3.


5- Salmon :

salomon-fishSalmon is rich of vitamin D and omega-3s which are fundamental fatty acids have many healthy benefits such as avoiding heart disease, making you skin looks younger, improving your-mood, helping in weight loss and it slows the process of digestion allowing you to feel full for along time which helps in reducing calories throughout the day.


6- Nuts :

nutsNuts reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Almonds has nutrient that aids a healthy heart and lower cholesterol. Walnuts include omega-3s. Hazelnuts are rich in arginine which may decrease blood pressure. Yet, nuts are high in calories, so they should be eaten in mildness. Mixing them with yogurt, cereal or salads will help you get their benefits.


7- Beans :

beansBeans are considered for some people the best food it is of a great amount of fiber, it also contains protein and many other important nutrients including calcium, potassium and magnesium. Beans are also very useful to decrease heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and breast and colon cancer.


8- Oatmeal :

oatmealOats are rich in fiber which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, but now new studies reached that it also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you eat  half cup per day of oats you can get its benefits. You can add to it fruits, yogurt and nuts, you can also cover fish, chicken with oats.


9- Edamame and tofu :

edamameEating edamame, tofu and soy milk instead of meat or cheese aids reduce heart disease. Soy includes a great amount of fiber, vitamins and poly unsaturated fats. Soy’s isoflavones helps in preventing breast cancer. However, choose foods that are made of soy powder instead of soy supplements that contain unsafe quantities of isoflavones.


10- Olive oil :

olive-oil  It is rich in antioxidants which aids to reduce the possibility of cancer and other chronic    diseases, like Alzheimer. It is also full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that aid to     increase good HDL cholesterol and decrease the bad LDL cholesterol. Olive oil is very    useful and can be used for stir fry and can be added to vegetables or as added flare in  dressings.


11- Flaxseed :

FlaxSeedIt is rich in omega-3 fats. Flaxseed reduces the development of heart disease by 46%. It fights the breast cancer and helps in keeping the red blood cells from grouping together and developing clots that can block arteries. So, add a tablespoon or two of flaxseed everyday on your salad, cereal or yogurt will be great and very useful.


12- Spinach :

SpinachIt is a super veggie, it is full of iron which gives you energy by supplying your cells with oxygen and folate. It contains lutein which protects from macular degeneration and maintains healthy arteries by keeping walls from cholesterol preventing heart attacks.


13- Avocado :

avocadoA great source of monounsaturated fats and many other essential nutrients. Avocados include many heart-protective nutrients like potassium, vitamin E, fiber and folate. Adding them to salads and salsa can help in raising the absorption of specific carotenoids which is associated with decreasing. Avocados contains a little amount of calories, so avocados can be in the place of high fat food like cheese and mayo.


14- Broccoli :

brocoliIt should be included more in your diet to reduce the risk of different diseases like cancer and heart disease, it lows the risk of dying from any illness by 26% if it is included just by four servings in the diet per week. To keep the benefits of broccoli, you should steam it instead of roasting or boiling.


15- Sweet potatoes :

Sweet potatoesSweet potatoes along with cantaloupe, squash, kale and carrots contain beta carotene which is as important part of human diet as the body transforms it to vitamin A, a vital nutrient that preserves skin, eye and inner layer of our respiratory, urinary and intestinal systems. A half cup provides 80% of vitamin A daily and adds only 130 calories.


16- Red peppers :

Red-PepperAlthough red peppers is not citrus, it is full of vitamin C which is very useful for the skin and immunity. Research shows that having enough vitamin C reduce the wrinkling and dryness of the skin and make it more youthful, it also helps in recovering faster from cold and flu.


17- Tomatoes :

tomatoesThey include antioxidant lycopene which is the most wide spread source of fighting heart disease and breast cancer. Yet, many people use them as sugar laden, highly processed sauce and ketchup or as a thin sliver in a sandwich. Here you are a very useful side dish ides of tomatoes. Cut them into quarters add olive oil, toss them with garlic powder, salt and pepper, put them in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.


18- Garlic :

garlicIt is one of the most popular flavor enhancers. It contains up to 70 active phytochemicals, like allicin which decreases high blood pressure. To decrease rates of colorectal, ovarian and other cancers. You should increase the amount of garlic you use in your food. To get the most benefit of garlic : crush the garlic cloves and wait for 30 minutes, then heat them, this helps to preserve and activate the heart-healthy compounds.


19- Figs :

figsFigs are rich in potassium which lower pressure. Six fresh figs contain 891 mg of potassium almost 20% of the amount you need in your day and twice what you would get from a large banana. It also contains calcium, as the amount of calcium you get per serving is as a  half cup of fat free milk.


20- Apples :

applesThey are considered one of the healthiest fruits. They are one of the three most effective foods that help lessening the risk of heart disease. Apple reduces the risk of lung cancer and the type 2 diabetes. It helps in losing weight. People are advised not to  add apples into pies, so as not to reduce the benefits of apples, thus, it is better to eat on in the afternoon snack or as raw apples to salads.


21- Blue berries :

BlueberryThey are full of antioxidants. The diet regimen which is rich in blueberries can aid in preventing memory loss, defeat urinary tract infections and lesson eyestrain. To get the most benefits of blueberries you should include  half cup of them to your daily diet and this provide double the amount of antioxidants most Americans gets daily.


22- Guava :

guavaOne of the most essential sources of vitamin C. it also contains lycopene and antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. It can help your body defend against food borne pathogens such as listeria and staph.


23- Asian pear :

asian pearsOne large Asian pear have approximately 40% of your recommended daily fiber, raising your fiber intake can aid lower total and LDL cholesterol. In addition, people who get high amount of fiber tent to weigh less and lower body mass indexes.


24- Dark chocolate :

dark-chocolatesBelieve it or not! Dark chocolate is good for you. It is full of antioxidants which prevent blood platelets from attaching and help clear your arteries. It helps in weight loss as it keeps you feel full for a long time. Adding two tablespoons of dark chocolate chips to berries as an afternoon snack or post-dinner dessert should let you get the benefits of antioxidants without gaining heavy calories onto your daily diet.


This list of healthy food should be included in your daily diet. Next time you are at the grocery pick the items you can get and find new and exciting ways to consume them in your body and it will thank you for taking the time to work these super foods into the mix.

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