How To Avoid Weight Gain 


How to avoid weight gain 


Most diets and exercise regimes aim towards achieving a single purpose and that is weight loss. However, after overcoming the various difficulties constituting some of these harsher regimens, it is easy to become complacent.

One simple fact remains true no matter the generation and technology in play; it is easier to gain weight than to lose it. And anyone that has managed to achieve a healthy weight will eventually come to the realization that their current state is nothing more than the first stage of a long battle.

Just because one has managed to shed their excess weight doesn’t mean it will stay off, not without a carefully executed plan. This is true for both the young and old and even those struggling under excess weight.

Just because one is obese doesn’t mean they cannot gain more weight, and the first step to losing weight is preventing the acquisition of additional fat reserves, this attracting all manner of negative consequences to one’s health.


How to avoid weight gain 

Despite the difficulties of weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight isn’t nearly as difficult as assumed, not if one can take the right steps at the right time, these including the following:

– You will need to keep a careful eye on your own body. Weight gain is a slow steady process and will occur over a period of time, usually transforming into a problem before one can even take notice.

It is imperative that you keep a careful eye on the state of your body, be it weighing yourself daily or watching that distending belly; an awareness of your physical state will allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to avoid weight gain.


– Most professionals will advise consuming a whopping five or six meals on a daily basis; hence a meal every two and a half hours. That might seem like a lot until your remember that these are all small portion meals, preventing over consumption at lunch or supper even while allowing your body access to optimum amounts of protein and carbohydrates.


– Exercise is important even without the threat of weight gain. Exercise will allow your body to not only maintain its metabolic rate but raise it, especially for aging persons. This enables the optimum burning of calories throughout the day. 30 minute workouts, three times a week is advisable, the activities vigorous enough to raise your heart rate.


– You will need to drink a lot of water. Water enables your body to flush toxins as well as fat. Rather than consuming large amounts of water in one go, it is advisable to meet your daily quota of water throughout the day, this allowing you to keep hunger cravings at bay.


– Craft a meal plan. Structured and commercial diets are not a necessity to control one’s weight gain, not when you have a basic understanding of what foods are good for your body and which are bad.

Meal plans make the process of moderating one’s calorie intake that much easier, even while ensuring that the body acquires optimum levels of essential nutrients. The portions consumed also matter and even fruits and vegetables can prove destructive when in excess.


The question of how to avoid weight gain might seem rather complex, yet it has a barrage of rather simple answers most of which come down to simple moderation.

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