How To Lose Weight While Sleeping


how to lose weight while sleeping

Sleep plays a significant role in maintaining weight. The foremost nutrient for the brain is sleep. Every person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Getting sleep less than the amount needed, has very deep impact on health. Insufficient sleep has a direct impact on hunger and this leads to over eating which affects the health.

We are living in a society where sleep deprivation is considered to be a badge of honour. Our society is following a culture of do more in less time and in this process we always reduce our sleep timings. Sleep should also be put on a high priority along with eating healthy and exercising regularly. It’s very much important to maintain the routine. One should wake up at the same time and should go to bed at the same time.

There are many ways in which sleep can help us lose weight. Let’s understand the effect of not resting or taking sleep the amount needed by our body. This will demonstrate us that why we need a good amount of sleep. We will study the importance of sleep by seeing the effects of sleep deprivation and hence we will realize how sleep helps us burn extra fat.


1- Sleep deprivation fiddles around with the metabolism of glucose. Carbohydrates get converted to glucose in our body. When we are sleep-deprived, this glucose is not used by the body as source of energy. As a result this glucose gets stored in the body in the form of fat. Having a proper sleep maintains the metabolism and fat gets controlled.


2- Sleep deprivation actually makes us eat more. When we are sleep deprived, there’s a reduction in the GLP 1 hormone. GLP 1 hormone tells us when we are actually hungry. The level of this hormone gets reduced by a tremendous amount when we didn’t get the proper sleep. Our sleepy mind craves for more food, which later becomes the reason for excess fat.


3- The more hours we are awake during the day, the more hungry we are going to feel and the more food we are going to consume. The more energy is going to be needed throughout the day.


4- Our metabolism becomes less when we are sleep deprived. There are two hormones which play a great role. One is ghrelin and the other is leptin. Ghrelin hormone tells us when to eat and leptin hormone tells us when to stop. When brain is in the sleepy stage, the quantity of ghrelin increases and that of leptin decreased and hence we end up having extra food that we should not have consumed otherwise.


5- Sleep deprivation decreases our actual energy throughout the day and we are not able to put our actual amount of energy that we could have otherwise put in the work. Our work out becomes dull. So we are not burning the exact amount of calories during our waking hours to the extent we could have and hence we end up not burning fat during the time also.


6- Sleep deprivation actually lowers the growth hormone secreted during the night. When we are in the deepest sleep, our body secretes this hormone which we need to look youthful, to metabolize fat and to build muscles.


It is important to have a full night sleep. As per the studies, a full night sleep is the sleep that comprises of 7 to 9 hours of sleep. And depends on person to person the amount of sleep they need.  It is also found that those who have followed the above sleeping pattern, are more energetic and burn more amount of fat during the day.

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